Creating materials using Chrome extension for presenting directly in Notion!

Creating materials using Chrome extension for presenting directly in Notion!



Here, we will introduce how to give a presentation using Notion Presentation.
This video was created using Notion Presentation.
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Notion Presentation

  • Create and display presentations using Notion 🎨
  • User-friendly interface 🖱️
  • Free to use 💸
  • Page-by-page slide display 📄
  • Easy transition between editing and presenting 🔀
  • Customize themes 🎨

Installing Notion Presentation

Notion Presentation is offered as a Google Chrome extension.
You can download this app from the Chrome Web Store and use all its features for free.

Notion Presentation Features

You can display it like a slide by dividing it into blocks such as headers.
It also supports full-screen display, and you can switch slides with your mouse or keyboard.
  • Create a slide show by dividing it with headers 😃
  • Full-screen display with zoom in and out 🔍
  • Switch slides with mouse or keyboard 🖱️⌨️
  • All Notion blocks are available 📦
  • Editable while displaying the slide ✍️
  • Can present while keeping it private 🔒
  • 2-column, 3-column, and various layout options 📐
  • Settings for dividing blocks and hiding blocks 🔧

How to launch Notion Presentation

If the extension is installed, an icon will appear in the toolbar.
Open the demo page and click the icon to launch it and try it out immediately.

All blocks are available

You can use all blocks in Notion without conversion on your slides 💪
In addition to images, callouts, dividers and to-do lists, you can also use quotes and toggle lists 😊

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Heading 2

Creating a comparison chart with a table

By using a table, you can easily create a comparison chart.
Notion Presentation
Regular Notion
Presentation mode
Not available
Switching slides
Mouse, keyboard

Illustrating with Code Blocks

Using code blocks makes it easy to create flowcharts. This makes it easier to understand the slides. 😆
graph TD; A[開始] --> B[条件1] B --> C{条件2} C --> |true| D[結果1] C --> |false| E[結果2] B --> F[条件3] F --> |true| G[結果2] F --> |false| H[結果1]

Using Multiple Column Layouts

You can divide layouts to display images or lists side by side.
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  • List 1
    • List 1-1

Database is also available

You can use databases and various views.
By using the gallery view or timeline view, it is possible to make visual presentations.

Embedding external content

You can embed Google Maps or Twitter on YouTube.
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Download from Chrome Web Store

Notion Presentation is provided as a Google Chrome extension.
If you are watching the video, please install the extension from the link in the description box.
Author @mosugi
Author @mosugi
Please install the extension and we would appreciate your review and rating.